About FRH

This blog came about to chronicle my journey of trying to cure or at the very least somewhat treat my epilepsy through the paleo diet.  I’ve been eating a paleo diet for the better part of 2 years now and I’ve noticed that my symptoms of epilepsy have reduced dramatically over that time.  I’m hoping, with a little help from people more knowledgeable than myself that my self experimentation will prove fruitful.

Throughout my paleo journey, I’ve rediscovered how much I love to cook again, so this will also be a place for me to post paleo friendly recipes.

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  1. Hi Freerangehuman,

    I really like that ketogenic pizza but I have to try it with pork belly. Here is my pizza recipe and salted pork belly recipe for making “bacon”:

    I also have epilespy though I haven’t had any seizures in over two year and I am not taking any medication. Here is my story:

    Good luck with getting off your medication.


    • Thanks for sharing with me Caorline! And absolutely, congrats on coming off anti convulsants! That gives me all the more drive and hope to get it done myself. I hadn’t heard of the SCD honestly so I’ll have to check it out.

  2. One more thing. I also follow Dr Jack Kruse’s work. I have been low carbohydrate version of the SCD/GAPS/modified paleo diet for many years but I never tried for ketogenic. After starting cold thermogenesis and a true ketogenic diet I found cheese, even very small amounts like one or two tablespoons, would push me out of ketosis. (I used ketostix to verify this.) I asked Dr Kruse on his blog and he said it could be the casein causing the problem. I was wondering if you have this problem too or if this is just some personal metabolism issue?

    • Interesting that the casein could push you out of ketosis. I guess maybe your protein intake is high enough daily that just the addition of casein would push you out? For me, I haven’t noticed a change as of yet (usually I notice a mental clarity change if I eat too many carbs) but I’ll definitely hold off on cheese for awhile and then test with some ketostix as well. I should also mention that the only carbs I’m eating at the moment are dense green veggies and occasionally some mushrooms so it’s possible that even if casein is kicking in gluconeogenesis, it’s not enough to push me out of keto…but again, the only way to officially find out is to test it. I’ll write up a post on that I think.

  3. The SCD/GAPS/modifed paleo diet are very similar in many ways. The biggest difference it that SCD/GAPS avoids all food additives and all the starches that would be allow on the paleo diet. GAPS really focuses on the health of the gut brain axis. I tried to contrast the diets in the link below. Of course, all seizure disorders are different but I believe food additives and imbalances in my gut flora may have played a role in my epilepsy:

  4. It is very exciting to find someone else with epilepsy trying a ketogenic diet and cold thermogenesis. I was surprised about a hard cheese, being high fat, dumping me out of ketosis at such a small amount. Interesting. Please keep me posted on how it goes with you. I started spot ice on March 22, 2012 and the cold tub (70-68F) last week. I’m going to work my way down slowly.

    • Yeah it’s definitely exciting for me to find someone who had success with a keto/paleo type diet. BTW I find for CT it’s easier to take the colder baths if you take cold showers for 10 minutes every morning.

  5. I don’t know if you had time to look into the SCD/GAPS diet for epilespy but mercola.com just had an interview with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. Here is the link:

    I hope you are doing well. I am now in the tub most days. I have managed about 64F for 30 minutes. I am going slow with my progress. Did you get into the Factor X seminar?

  6. NicoleJ says:

    Thanks for sharing…. Do you have a plan that you follow? My husband is paleo but still getting seizures. What do we do to get to ketosis. How much fat? Proportions etc?? Thanks so much.

    • Currently I don’t have a specific plan that I follow. The clinical version of the Ketogenic Diet is a 4:1:1 ratio of fat, protein and carbs. The easiest way I adhere to that is high fat grass fed or pastured cuts of meat, and I do eat veggies but I try and keep them as nutrient dense as possible while staying low on the carb side. So dense leafy greens are the way I go usually. For proportions, I’ll do 1/2 to 3/4 of the plate as a dense veggie and the rest will be a fatty cut of meat or protein source. Bacon and eggs are great as well.

  7. Hi there,Free Range! I am so excited to have found your blog. I have just put my 3 year old son on the ketogenic diet- at the 4:1 ratio. We are now weaning topamax and have finished weaning him off keppra. horrible drugs. I feel so inspired by your story and your pizza, I’m looking forward to meandering through your old posts, and reading the ones to come. Cheers

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