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DogTown CrossFit Presents 2nd Annual ‘Crush Cancer’ Fundraiser

Today, I’m going to take a break from the epilepsy angle and write a little bit about a cause that I’ve been involved in for 4 straight years.  This post contains important information regarding the second annual DogTown CrossFit Crush Cancer 2012 … Continue reading

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Cold Thermogenesis: One Month Into the Cold

So this week brings about the close to the 4 weeks since Paleo FX.  Over the last 4 weeks, I’ve been implementing some protocols that I learned while in Austin.  Most notably: Jack Kruse’s Cold Thermogenesis and Leptin Reset Protocol, … Continue reading

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Paleo f(x) Part 2

Like I mentioned in my earlier post about Paleo f(x) found here, the main reason I made the trek down to Austin was to speak with as many experts, doctors, nutritionists, etc as I could in order to try and … Continue reading

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Paleo f(x) Part 1

Last weekend, I had the great opportunity to attend Paleo FX in Austin, TX.  Similar to the Ancestral Health Symposium, held in August, Paleo FX was full of who’s who in the paleo world, from the all knowing and all … Continue reading

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