Neurological Benefits of Coconut Oil

A friend of mine posted this video on facebook a few days back.  It talks about the positive effect coconut oil has on Alzheimer’s.  I was immediately intrigued since my symptoms of epilepsy are, as I understand it, similar to dementia or certain aspects of Alzheimer’s.  At the very least, both are neurological.  So I watched hoping they would explain how coconut oil works to alleviate symptoms etc.    

I was beyond excited that they mentioned that epilepsy has seen some of the benefits from coconut oil in this video.  As soon as they mentioned ketones being produced after eating medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s), I knew there had to be some connection with epilepsy in there as well since ketogenesis has been shown over and over again to alleviate epilepsy symptoms or in other cases, cure it altogether (which is my goal).  I’ll have to do more research on the topic, but now I’m glad I can narrow down my search as well.

I also ordered 2 quarts of coconut oil from Tropical Traditions when I saw this video and they arrived today.  This is great timing since I’ve just run out of my old coconut oil after putting it in my coffee (don’t knock it till you try it) everyday since seeing this video.

I honestly can’t wait to start using this stuff more and see if any of my epilepsy symptoms clear up at all.  I sometimes have morning ‘brain fog’ so maybe this will clear that up somewhat.  Here’s hoping!

Original article:  Coconut Oil Touted as Alzheimers Remedy.

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