Unexpected Meat Stockpile!

The 21 Day Sugar Detox is winding down and I knew that the Whole Foods in El Segundo is having a sale today on wild caught sockeye salmon for $8/lb instead of $17/lb, so I met my girlfriend there during my lunch break so I could stock up(and she would take them home to freeze).  Turns out she had already picked up 2lbs earlier today but I wanted some more.  I decided on getting an additional 8lbs to turn our haul into an even 10lbs.   After loading up on my salmon fillets, I decided to check out the meat counter to see if they had any deals going on not thinking there would be anything significant, but when I got there, I discovered something even more amazing.

This is not a misprint...cheap GF Beef for the taking!

That’s right.  Grass fed ground beef for $1.99/lb originally priced at $7.99/lb!  I had to ask the butcher if that price was right.  When he said yes indeed it was, I thought for a brief moment, ‘thank God for my deep freezer’ and then asked for 15lbs.  The butcher gave me a confused look at first and asked me to repeat myself.  I told him yes, I do in fact, want 15lbs of the 2 dollar grass fed ground beef.  Turns out, 15lbs of ground beef is what those trays in the display case hold as I took out the entire amount and he had to replace it with a fresh tray.

I ended up leaving WF with the same usual subtotal around $100 but this time, I had over 25lbs of wild caught/grass fed meat in my cart.  Not a bad deal at all.  I might go back after work and grab some more!  They have other stuff on sale too from fryer chickens at $1/lb to wild caught cod and sardines at $4/lb.  If you’re in the LA area, do yourself a favor and grab some of this ridiculously cheap yet high quality meat.  This will definitely keep me going until the end of the 21 DSD and beyond.

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