21 Day Sugar Detox

I’ve been eating a paleo diet for the better part of two years. Unfortunately, this holiday season, I managed to slip off the wagon big time. Not only was I over indulging on non paleo holiday fare, I had severely injured my ankle a few months prior, and it really hasn’t healed quite right, so my exercise has fallen by the way side as well.  All of these combined had created a perfect storm of depression, my ankle not healing right, poor sleep, and pretty much everything you hear about paleo fixing.

I can’t think of a better way to start off the new year by going through the 21 Day Sugar Detox program from Diane Sanfilippo of balancedbites.com fame. I figured a sugar detox is just what I needed after all the crap I’ve been eating this holiday season. Not only will it get me back on track in the paleo realm, but also get me into a state of ketosis for fat loss and epilepsy treatment.

The challenge officially started yesterday and I came out swinging. I made a butterflied chicken roast from Primal Palate with a side of asparagus. Then I used the chicken carcass to make some bone broth for later.


I’m pretty excited to get back into paleo full on and I think this is just the avenue to do it.

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