Stand Up 2 Cancer With Team DogTown CrossFit

Today, this post contains important information regarding the first ever DogTown CrossFit Crush Cancer 2011 Event!  In previous years, DogTown participated and was the leading fundraiser for Fight Gone Bad (FGB).  Although FGB is an awesome fundraiser with great charities attached to it, there’s no cancer component this year, so DogTown decided to create it’s own event.

Cancer is a cause that has deeply affected members of DogTown and it is a cause we strongly support. Our very own Adam Noble is a cancer survivor of over 5 years, and Dusty Hyland lost his brother in law to cancer not long ago. We have several members who have also been deeply affected by Cancer and we want to do something important in helping to find a cure.  I myself, have lost numerous family members and friends to cancer.

DogTown is going out on a limb, and we have created our very own event, which we promise to be fun, exciting, and simply AWESOME in true DogTown style. The event, Crush Cancer 2011, will take place on October 22, 2011 at 9300 Culver Blvd. in Downtown Culver City (the parking lot across from Trader Joes and the Culver Hotel). Start time is 9:00am. There will be vendors from the community, food, and most important, a grueling workout!

The Goal

Raise over $50,000!!!

The Workout

3 Rounds- 1 Minute Each Station-Accumulate As Many Reps As possible

  • Power Cleans
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Burpees
  • Shoulder to Overhead
  • Double Unders

One-minute rest between rounds

The Charity

We are using a charity called Stand Up To Cancer. 100% of the proceeds will go to Cancer Research. For more information on Stand Up To Cancer please visit:


 1)   Go to:

2)   On the right hand side of the page there’s a box that says: Donate to this Team

3)   Fill out the donation form (you can even dedicate your donation to someone)

4)   Donations are made to Team DogTown as a whole not an individual team member.  If you would like to give a specific team member credit, then make the donation in their honor.

5) Direct any questions you have for me to my contact form

6) Feel free to forward this post around.  It helps to get as many eyes on this as possible.

Thank you for getting behind our cause and making DogTown awesome!. Together we can make a difference and Crush Cancer DogTown style!!

P.S. Below is team DogTown’s widget for this event.  It gives a readout of how much we have raised and what our goal is.  You may also click the banner and it will take you to the fundraising page.

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