Visit to the Neurologist

This morning I had my appointment with my nuero at University Colorado Hospital in Denver, CO.  I was initially a little hesitant to talk about my experiment but that quickly wore off when I remembered how interested she was in the paleo diet a year before.

The visit started like any other doctor’s appointment.  An orderly/nurse took me to the back room and took my vitals and weighed me in.  My BP was down from the previous year and my weight was down about 6 pounds.  So far so good.

When my neuro walked in, we started with the usual chat that involves the epilepsy check in: any episodes, side effects, tremors (muscle jerks), if I was still eating paleo, etc.  This gave me the window I needed to launch my idea to treat myself with a paleo diet with a ketogenic twist.  I had explained that I was already speaking to a biochemist (Robb Wolf) and was in line to speak with a Registered Dietician about really dialing my nutrition in to make sure I stayed in a ketogenic state.

She was intrigued just as she had been the year before and gave me a few notes as well as some things to pay attention to: people on a ketogenic diet tend to feel ‘stupid’ for a time due to the smaller amount of glucose making it’s way to the brain, bad breath etc.  In the end, she gave me her medical blessing.

I asked her for a new blood test so I could compare to the test I took two years prior (before paleo) to any future tests regarding this experiment.  I was able to specify that I wanted the following tests: lipid panel, triglycerides, and fasting glucose (since I was, at that point, in a 16 hour fast).  The only downside is, I’ll have to wait to get the results and I can’t really do a decent consult with Amy until I get them.  So, for now, I’ll just have to wait.

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