Exciting news

Way back in August of 2010, I attended a Paleolithic Solution Seminar hosted by Robb Wolf in Monrovia, CA.  I was able to speak to him not only during a break in the seminar but also during lunch about how paleo has improved my health and overall life in so many ways up to and including my symptoms of epilepsy.  He suggested that I try to eat a paleo diet with a ketogenic bend to it and see how I felt and he expressed interest in my progress.

I have a neurology follow up appointment back in Denver, CO next week (May 25th) and I’ve decided to inform her about my plan to treat my condition through a ketogenic paleo diet.  I’m pretty excited about it since my appointment last year, I had been eating an unmeasured paleo diet for about 4 months and she was pleasantly surprised at my weight loss and my self proclaimed improved mental clarity.

I contacted Robb to keep him in the loop as well as to see if he had any suggestions for specific information I should get from my neuro.  He was excited to hear about my initial progress and mentioned that while my neuro should know what keto is, they might not think it would improve my situation.  Robb however, said he’d be shocked if it didn’t improve at least a small amount.  He also has put me in touch with Amy Kubal, his consulting paleo RD so I could dial in my nutrition as effective as possible rather than making amateur guesses by myself.  I’m working with her right now to set up a consult to get this whole thing rolling along.

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